Zhejiang deju aluminum co., ltd,

Author£º Date£º2013-8-15 9:52:23
Deju aluminum company was establishd in the year 2006, Formerly know as "Foshan Deju Decoration Co., ltd." and "Zhejiang Deju Aluminum Co., ltd."

We are experienced in color coating technology, focus on high level, high quality color coating aluminum coil and world class service. The company has 32000 square meters building area, we have three multifunctional pre-roller coating and six auxiliary production line for a variety of color coated aluminum molding. Zhejiang Deju Aluminum Co., ltd. has the only advanced production line in China, called "Six coating, five baked production line."

We believe "meeting customers' exact requirements" and " Achieving customer satisfaction" are the key to success. Following the principle of quality first, innovating product design and technology, stricting test and quality control to increase "Deju" brand advantage and lead the color coating aluminum coil market trend now and always.