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Duracoil Answering the Environmental Challenges
The 21Th century is a time of unprecedented changes, Human activities and unsurpassed pace of industrialization have caused severe damages to the environment we live in. It has been estimated that due to the depletion of our earth鈥檚 protective ozoned layer, the amout of UV radiation experience in some continents are 27% more than what was experienced 50years ago. The much harsher environment today offers designers and architects a difficult challenge when it comes to material selection for buildings that can stand the test of weather elements and still be aesthetically pleasing

Multi Colored Building Facade

Nature鈥檚 hues in its full splendour and majesty

Corrosion 鈥 Why Aluminium?
Aluminium by nature is not easily corroded by the weather elements. In its bare state, when subject to the weather elements, aluminium inherently forms a whitish oxide surface that inhibits further corrosion. It is estimated that it will take 100 times longer to corrode aluminium compare to carbon steel and 6-8 times longer to corrode aluminium compare to galvanized carbon steel. There are many examples of aluminium structures that have stood the test of time. The decade old Statue of Eros, made of aluminium is a fine example.
Duracoil aluminium PVDF pre-painted coils are converted into many end architectural products to meet the environmental challenges set upon us. Coated alumiuium coil products not only offer designers the choice of colors which adds to the vibrance of their designs, the coating is effect increases the durability of the product against the elements of weather.
Eros statue in London
PPG Preliminary Applicator Certificate