Zhejiang Deju Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Add: No.1, North Gate of Qianbu Bridge, Xieqiao Town, Haining City, Zhejiang, Province, China.
Tel: 86-573-87718199
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E-mail: nihaojessie@yahoo.com

Zhejiang Deju Aluminum Co., Ltd established in 2010is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of color coated aluminum coil in China.We have the only advanced production line in China, it’s “six coating, five baked” production line.

Relying on our sophisticated production line and dedicated staff members, we produce high quality of color coated aluminum coilsuch as PE or PVDF coating, wood and stone pattern, embossed, brushed, anti-scratch, nano coating etcs, besides we are keep on developing new products.

Our products are widely used in architectural decoration, light industry, electronics, furniture and other industries. Like: aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, roof, aluminum honeycomb, fire plywood, shutters, shutter doors, electronic chassis, lighting and so on.

Core value:
Zhejiang Deju Aluminum Co., Ltd. was built on safety, employee care, customer focus. SFATY is a core value at our company, no matter how difficult, can be completed safely.

Achieving "best" in both safety and quality will be the uncompromised strategy for the life of this organization.

Customer focus:
At Zhejiang Deju Aluminum Co.,Ltd, we have an effective business philosophy designed to identify you exact needs and quickly meet your requirements.Furthermore, our products with outstanding quality and world-class service, can meet your satisfaction for sure. We know that "Customer Comes First"

 Get there together:
"Quality first, customer first" principle of service, with advanced equipment for efficiency, with high inequality manage for efficiency, and strive to affordable, so that help customers achieve a win-win. Invite domestic and foreign customers to cooperate for a better future!

Factory in Zhejiang Haining
Factory in Foshan, Shunde